Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Hiked to amazing waterfalls and had a birthday celebration

Hey, this is going to be short... just to warn you.
Here is a quick rundown of my day:

I woke up at 5:00am
Got on a bus at 8:00
Got dropped off in the middle of the rainforest at 9:00
Hiked an hour and a half down to some crazy sick waterfalls
Ate some sandwiches at 12:00
Chilled for about another hour
Sprinted back uphill for 3 miles to catch the bus at 2:30 and almost died in the process

So yeah... my day has been pretty crazy, but it has been really fun! I love being in such a beautiful country that has so many pretty places to offer!

Also.. thanks to everyone who sent me birthday wishes... I don't have time to respond to all of them individually, but thanks a bunch!

September 15 is independence day here so in Perez Centro there was a huge parade and lot's of cool stuff to see. The youth in the branch had a big food sale to raise money for EFY so we helped out and got to see the parades and everything! Then afterwards, the branch all got together and surprised me with a cake! They all sang to me and we played charades and it was a really good birthday.
Here in costa Rica they have 2 birthday traditions: one where they break eggs on your head for every year that you complete (I narrowly avoided that one) and the second is where the birthday person has to take a bite out of the cake without anyone shoving your face into it... I almost did it... two young women got me really good though and I spent about 5 minutes fishing frosting out of my nose. haha

All in all this week was a success. I hope everything is going well with you out in the real world! 

Much love!

A lady sent this picture a year ago to me on FB messenger and I just saw it. 
It is of Chase at the temple.

Chase with his new companion

Independence Day parade

Cake in his face for his birthday, courtesy of the YW in the branch

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