Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Chases germaphobe phase is finally over! He's been cured!

Sorry, I ran out of time this week to do a big email... please forgive me.
Really quickly... We had changes this week. Every companionship in the Zone has at least one person being changed expect for me. Elder Ortiz and I are going to be staying for Christmas and New Years. I'm excited that we are going to have more time here. The work is going really well!
Thanks for all of your emails this week and for all of your love and support! I really appreciate it all!
Ps. I saw an armadillo two days ago. It was cool:)
Chase's response to mom's e-mail-
Hey! Yeah I'm feeling a little better now. The mission is super tough in that aspect though... I haven't had one day since I entered the mission where I haven't felt sick or had something hurt. The mission is really hard on your body. Especially in this area in the heat. I'm hoping that if I just fight through it all, I'll eventually get a break. I kind of stopped complaining and have just accepted the fact that that is how a mission is. I do miss the US though... I don't like how dirty it is here. But because of that, I have officially ended my germaphobe phase haha
The water here is pretty clean for the most part. When I'm at home, I filter my water. But when I'm out in the street I'll take water from anyone.  I'm not sure how the Christmas chat works, tell Elise to be prepared for Skype just to be safe.

A baby was giving him tattoos.


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