Monday, November 23, 2015

Chase is feeling under the weather (possibly from eating raw hamburger)

I wish I had a lot to write about this week... but honestly, I've got nothing. I've been pretty sick this week. Last Monday I ate a "hamburger"(and I put quotes because the hamburgers here do not taste the same as a hamburgers from the states) and I think it was really undercooked. I've been pretty sick ever since. I've been trying to take it easy this week, but we are still making a ton of progress with our investigators. We are currently teaching 35 people who are on their way to be baptized. To start the week, we didn't have a lot of people with baptismal dates and were determined to challenge a whole bunch this week. By the end of the week we have ten more people with baptismal dates and they are pretty promising.

We have been teaching the family that lives across the street from Layevska and Ambar and the two kids that live there are so cool. We are super good friends. Joneiker is 13 and Monserrat is 11. We have mostly beeen teaching the two of them, because their parents are always working, but the whole family is super cool. They read the Book of Mormon together all the time and really love the gospel. A week ago we challeneged the two kids to be baptized this 12 of December. Things are going well and they are learning a ton. Last night when we were teaching, and Joneiker turned to me and whispered... Elder Abel, I have a confession to make. I was a little scared, but then he said, "I want to be baptized." lololol I said that we are preparing a baptism for him already and he was so happy! They both went to church yesterday and loved it. I'm sure that they will be baptized on the 12th as long as the parents permit it.

This Sunday it was poooouring rain. It's always sad when it rains on a Sunday because nobody goes to church. and I mean nobody. Out of the 6 missionaries in the ward, we were the only ones that were able to bring investigators to church. Usually we have about 130 people each week in the chapel. This week we had 45. It made me realize that we need to focus on the members as well as the investigators.

I hope you all have a good week and enjoy Thanksgiving( I think that it is this week, right? haha)

"Futbol" soccer in the rain.

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