Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The sisters got baptized...and they caught a triantula in their house.

Layevska and Ambar got baptized last Saturday! It has been really cool watching them progress in the gospel. They are always so exicted to learn more! At the end of every appointment that we have with them, they always remind us to give them homework in the Book of Mormon. I baptized Layevska and Elder Ortiz baptized Ambar. Tonight we are going to go and teach the family. The parents want to learn English, and the dad said that if I teach him English, he will get baptized. I'm going to try to best to make that happen. HaHa

This week was stake conference, and it is always really hard to get investigators to go because stake conference is an hour and a half away. We have been teaching a couple (who are actually married!! That never happens in Costa Rica! haha) and they have been wanting to come to church for about 3 weeks now, but have never actually gone. This week when we taught them we told them about stake conference being an hour and a half away. The wife said that she actually wanted to go! Yesterday she went with her 9 year old nephew and loved it. We also convinced Ambar and Layevska to go and they are now all best friends. I hope this leads to the conversion of this other family! We are working with so many great families right now. We are teaching a family of 8 and they Lovvvvvve us. They are all so cool. The only problem is that they live an hour away from the church.... I have faith that they will make the trip this Sunday, but it's so far for a family with young children to walk!

Another update on animals... I have now seen the little red poisionous frogs that are from the rainforest. They look so cool, but I am always scared to get close and take a picture because they are pretty dangerous. Also... after a long rainy day of work, we walked into the house. I saw something big on the ceiling and couldn't really figure out what it was. After getting closer to get a better look I saw that it was a HUGE triantula! A lot bigger than my hand! We knocked it down and caught it and got some cool pictures of it. With all of the scary bugs and frogs that we find in our house I am getting a little scared to sleep on the floor. We have a man witch that we found (thats a story for another time) that is making us hammocks. Hopefully they will be ready today. I'm sick of sleeping on the floor.

I hope that all is well with all of you! I would like to encourage everyone to help out the missionaries in your own ward. Members can help investigators so much more than missionaries can. Missionaries can teach all day long with pretty words, but if they don't have a friend in the church, they are never going to have any motivation to go!

Love you all! Remember that there is power in prayer!

Baptism day!
A sloth sighting.

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