Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chase is now on his own, no more training. Stress Level 1,0000!

Hello everybody!!
I would like to apologize in advance because this is going to be very short.
This week has been insanely crazy. My trainer left and now its just Elder Fuller and I in the office. This week we had Elder Ochoa come from the presidency of the area 70. I was in charge of prepping all of the sound equipment so that it would all go smooth. Luckily my nerdy side helped me out a lot and we got all the stuff hooked up no problem. After his meetings he complimented me on how nicely planned out the meetings were and said that I'm a great secretary. I felt pretty special. haha
The zone conferences with elder Ochoa took up three days and I couldn't leave the office because there was so much work to do here... I kind of feel bad because I feel like I completely abandoned my investigators. Oh well, luckily we are teaching some great people and I feel like we can pick up where we left off without a problem.
Changes are next week. STRESS LEVEL 1,000,000!!! This will be my first time bringing in new missionaries and sending home old ones all on my own. I've kind of been freaking out prepping all of that stuff, because I can't let anything go wrong. I think I have it under control... but we will find out! I should be going to driving school next Saturday if everything goes well, and I should have a licence the week after. Hopefully I can get all these dang Costa Rican laws figured out!
Thanks for all the emails! I love hearing from you all!
PS. I sang in one of the elder Ochoa's meetings with the elders and sisters from my ward. (there are 11 of us in this ward) I'll attach the recording. It sounded better in person. I blame the I-phone mic for the reason it doesn't sound too great. haha
   *I (Andrea) wasn't able to attach the audio to the blog. Sorry.  E-mail me if you want to hear it.


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