Sunday, April 10, 2016

Exciting Stuff is happening and Chase is somehow in the middle of it.


I was suuuuper tired and worn out from the week before. I was seriously dragging. Today I finally got to catch up on my sleep and I am doing better!

This week our investigators are doing alright, not progressing as much I would like them to be... but they are good. We are really trying to find new investigators. It's  hard to find people that are willing to listen to you here in the city.

I do have some exciting news though!! We have two missionaries that are serving like 10 hours away from the mission office near the Panama border. It's a really touristy place because it's a huge jungle rainforest. One of the missionaries down there called the office and told me that they just ran into Jon Schmidt (the pianist from the Piano Guys) down in their area. I thought it was pretty cool that they got to meet him, but didn't really think that much more of it. Well, last night I got a random call on my phone and when I answered it some Gringo started talking to me. It was him! He said that he wanted to do a little fireside for some of the missionaries and their investigators and wanted to see if we could set something like that up for tomorrow. Of course we said yes and got to work. Well we called the Stake Music Coordinator (who happens to be a BIG piano guys fan) and she blew this activity waaaay out of proportion. She got the best church piano shipped to our stake center, made brochures, and invited pretty much all of Costa Rica. It ended up getting so big that I just got off the phone with Elder Cordon, a member of the general 70, who was asking me all sorts of details about this "Countrywide Fireside".... I had no idea it was going to get this big. He explained that he thought it was a great opportunity but had to get it approved by the proper brethren with the keys over these kinds of things, so he called Elder Duncan of the Area Seventy to get permission. It's now all set up and an official church sponsored activity that got thrown together in about 4 hours. hahaha I have no idea how its all going to go down and I'm supposedly the one who set it up! I also just got done talking with Jon Schmidts wife on FaceTime and we are going to pick them up from the San Jose Mariott at 3 tomorrow to take them to the fireside. I have no idea exacly how I got involved in this or how it's going to turn out but it sure is exciting!

Well sorry I dont have much more to tell you about... I will try to make next weeks a little more interesting!

Have a fantastic week!


  1. John Schmidt of the renowned LDS. "Piano Guys" Search You Tube to find additional music.

  2. Highlight and Right click LINK above to connect and view video.

  3. For tears and emotion see Piano Guys video "Story of my Life." .....Papa Tom