Saturday, June 18, 2016

Back to the Rainforest for Chase but this time on the Pacific Coast.

Hello all!

This week has been FABULOUS! Know why, I GOT MY REPLACEMENT! His name is Elder Winders and he is from Alaska. He´s really cool. He has about 8 months in the mission, so he is coming in with the same amount of time that I had when I came in to the office.

It's been fun training him on how to manage all of the migration stuff. I forgot how much I do, because I am just so use to the workload now... He is always sooo exhausted and stressed out. I feel kind of bad sometimes, but then I remember that that's exactly how I was when I came in! haha
We are prepping for changes together and it's been fun doing all that work with a helper! And speaking of changes... President told me where I´m going after the office in two weeks!! It's called Perez Zeledon or San Isidrio de Cartago. I'm going back to the hot rainforest!! Except this time it is going to be on the Pacific coast! I'm so excited to get back out there! It's a little branch and apparently it's having some problems so it will be cool to help out out there.

Two days ago I got to go to a very fancy web conference with the Guatemala mission about migration changes in Costa Rica. My comp, the migration secretary from the other mission, the church migration lawyers and I went to the Service Center of Costa Rica to meet with the head of Central American Mission Migration over a video conference. My comp was so lost, but it was really cool!

For todays P-day, I decided that I needed to make a last couple of purchases before I got shipped off far away, so we got permission to go to San Jose Centro. I originally went to look for new shoes to replace mine with holes in them, but then I got a little distracted. Elder Winders and I went to the sketchy part of San Jose and we found some really cool stores that sold all kinds of cheap stuff! We walked into this store that sold watches, glasses, bags, belts, coats, and all sorts of other designer stuff. We walked in and started looking at the watches... then we looked at the belts... then we looked at the glasses... and couldn't resist. The prices were just too good! I picked out a Louis Vuitton belt, a tag heuer watch, and some ray bans. I'm pretty sure they are real too. Elder Winders picked out a Gucci belt, a Deisel watch and Ray Bans. The grand total came out to be about $50 but we were able to talk her down $40 each. I'm so proud.
To top it all off, we decided to model our purchases... enjoy the pictures.

Tonight is going to be Eduardo´s baptism!! We had the interview last night and he seems so excited to be baptized! He is taking everything super seriously and say's he is so happy that he gets to take this important step in his life. I'm really curious to see how he will be after tonight!!

I hope you all have a good week! I love getting all your emails!!!

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