Saturday, January 28, 2017

Meeting some interesting people in the city

Training sure is an interesting experience! I was blessed with a Hondureñan 18 year old. In just this short week I have experienced a little bit of what being a father is all about. I have to teach him the language (Costa Rican Spanish), lend him money (until he gets payed next month), teach him everything I know (about missionary work), and make sure that he is happy at all times. 

This week we have had some pretty interesting experiences. Sadly last week many of our investigators told us to never come back... so we have been forced to knock doors once again... gross. But my companion has to learn that not everything we do is fun sooner or later!!

This week I met a very nice woman who had 666 tattooed on both arms and explained to me that Jesus was a woman and lives today in Miami. I also had the experience of talking to a man that explained that the United States has a secret time machine that we used to make the trojan horse of Rome and ruin lots of other important events. The city sure is an interesting place...

Well now that January is almost over we have been trying as hard as we possibly can so that M gets baptized. (an ex alcoholic that is making huge life changes one step at a time) He now knows all the lessons and has been going to church every week since I have been here but for some reason still doesn't want to get baptized! We have done all that we can, but he just doesn't think that it is time yet! It's stressful... but the ward is supporting him 100% and sooner or later he will be baptized.

Pray that I will be able to find prepared investigators this week please!!
Love you!

New companion and missionary trained by Chase

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