Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Great last week on the mission!

Last email... and no time. please enjoy the pics. I have lot's more but I'll just show them to you in person:)
This week has been great, the members are treating me so nice and I'm eating so much.

Remember J from Perez Zeledon? The one that showed up out of nowhere on a motorcycle and asked us to help him with some problems he was dealing with ? Well I just found out that this weekend he got married and his wife got baptized. He is now a reactivated faithful member of the church. This was such a nice reminder that even when I'm not in the area or in the mission anymore, the work goes on!

Also, remember that picture of the barbeque with the less active family? Well we have been working really hard with them and yesterday (my last day of officially serving in an assigned area) the daughter was baptized and the whole family came to the baptism!

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