Sunday, April 2, 2017

2 baptisms and a very interesting un-birthday for Chase

Hey! well... I don't have lots of time today... it was a really busy day.
This week:
We had two baptisms, one of the which we had to go to a different ward to baptize her because she lives out of the ward boundries. And they both wanted me to baptize them.
Today we went to the temple to prepare for general conference.
I bought a really cool suit.
My companion had to get a wisdom tooth pulled.
and that's pretty much it. Fun week.
Talk to you Monday!

This is Andrea- Chase told me about an interesting(little scary, strange, he thought was cool) story that I thought I would share:

"Funny story... well the church gets food donated once a week and it is usually cakes and premade food so this time when we were on divisions we decided to take a cake to eat at our house before we went out to work. as we were walking to the house we passed this corner that always has a lot of sketchy people around... (drug dealers, prostitutes and all that fun stuff) and when we walked by they said Hey, come here! We are going to rob you! Who's birthday is it? All at once the other missionaries said, Its Elder Abel's birthday! So all of them said, Lets Celebrate!! so then, slightly obligated for fear of getting mugged, we started to share our cake with them. When the other sketchy people saw that we were sharing cake with everybody, they all wanted a piece too! So then all of a sudden this white guy (see picture) comes up and says, hey man, me first I'm starving! then the black guy says heck no this is my piece. Then the guy throws his piece on the floor, rips his shirt off and the two guys start boxing over who gets the cake first in the middle of the street! then even more people came out and started filming the full out brawl that came out of nowhere! When this started we decided to leave with the cake then the fight stopped and they started running after us because they wanted the cake!! We stopped, gave them the cake, the large group of ghetto people started singing happy birthday to me and we got a cool picture with about a quarter of the group. It was the best un-birthday party I've ever had.
Fun story right?"

One of the families in the ward that have been less active decided that they were going to have a really big family home evening with us and they cooked up a lot of meat and gave us their first family home evening lesson in years!  It was great!

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