Sunday, March 26, 2017

Body is sore and tired after two years


Well... good news and bad news. Remember those 2 baptisms that I was stoked about for this weekend well... they both are interviewed and ready to go... but there is a small problem with one. Keylin (the 17 year old) doesn't live in our area. I talked to our bishop and he said he had to talk to her bishop to see what to do. Well he talked to the bishop and he says that she has to be baptized in the ward where she lives!! Soo.. we are going to see what happens. hopefully she can still get baptized on Sunday so we can have a baptism on Saturday and Sunday! Francini is still going strong. the family decided that I would baptize her so that I "can take home a nice family memory of them." haha some ticos are just so great.

As far as other updates... I dont think I have any. I am just trying to hang in there till the very end. My body sure is sore and tired and I don't think I own a pair of clothes now that doesn't have a stain or a hole in it, but that's just part of the joy of serving a mission!

Love you all lots and lots!

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