Sunday, March 19, 2017

Had some fun in the mud!

Well hello!
This week has been pretty darn good. In this ward I have learned that it is pretty much impossible to have success knocking doors so I've pretty much just been hanging out with members the whole week and hoping that they give us references, and it has been working out just swimmingly! The family that I told you about last week where the daughter and the dad aren't members... well we had another lesson with them yesterday and we now have permission to baptize the daughter in two weeks and the dad is really excited.  The dad wants to learn more and see the baptism. Who knows if he gets baptized too before I leave? It could happen. 

Also, we have been working with our cooks sons girlfriend quite a bit. It's been tough because she lives out of our area and we can only teach her once a week, but she has been progressing really well! This week was stake conference and she came. During the meeting I thought to myself... well, the district leader is here, and she is here... let's just do the baptismal interview right now and see what happens. So right after the conference we went into a room and asked her how her testimony was. She said, well as a matter of fact I was reading the Book of Mormon last night at one in the morning after praying like you taught me and all of a sudden I felt such a strong feeling. I knew in that instant that the Book of Mormon was true and I needed to be baptized. It was perfect! So right then and there we did the interview and she passed with flying colors! She will be baptized the same day as the other little girl on the 25th.  So that was pretty spiritual... and as a reward for completing last months baptism goal we got to do a zone activity! We went to a place called Fossiland and it was a lot of fun! It was high up in the mountains and we went zip lining, played paintball, went cave exploring, and went down a water bobsled. It was super fun but we got soooo dirty. It was kind of like a trust building activity so there was this crazy guy that was in charge and told dumb jokes and threw a bunch of water at us all the time. We had to do silly little challenges and the losers had to lay down in muddy rivers or smear mud all over themselves. It was honestly the weirdest thing but it was a lot of fun! I'll send some pictures this week and next week I'll hopefully have more of the activity.

Well.. thanks for the emails this week, I got more than usual... but they all had something in common.. "Chase I can't believe that you are almost home!! Sorry for not writing you hardly ever in the mission, but I can't wait to see you!!" I still feel like I have a lot left in the mission and I'm going to work as hard as I can this last month... but thanks for making me think so much about being in the real world again. haha
Love you!

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