Sunday, March 12, 2017

Highlights for Chase last week; a possible baptism and being a DJ

Hmmm... another week has gone by and I can't think of anything to write...... These weeks are just going by way too fast now. 

One cool thing that happened this week is that I helped set up a YSA dance this week and we got to DJ at the beginning... just long enough to get cool pictures. haha

This week we have been seing even more miracles with the members. We are now seeing a constant church attendance of 160+ which is really good for a Costa Rican ward. We are also recieving lots of references that are really prepared.

This week my companion and I were walking down the street looking for something to do because our appointments fell. I thought to visit a less active family and since we were close by we got there quickly and started to teach the family. Then all of a sudden another family that I hadn't ever seen before comes down the stairs. Apparently the family lives there and the wife is a member but the husband and the daughter aren't. We started talking to them and the daughter said that she turns 8 this weekend! I asked if they were setting up for her baptism and the mom said that she has been thinking about that for a while, but she has been inactive for a long time. We said that we would help her out with her daughters baptism and she got really excited and invited us over to have a lesson with her daughter and her husband. Hopefully it turns out well!

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