Thursday, March 24, 2016

Housing the sick and getting to drive.

This week was a lonnnng one. Not because of all the work I had to do, but because of how long I sat around doing nothing!! I don't know why but all of a sudden all of the missionaries are getting sick! This last week we have had two missionaries that have had to go to the hospital. And guess what that means. All the sickies get to stay with us and we have to take them to their appointments..... yay.
One missionary had pneumonia and showed up at our house at midnight. We shipped him off the the hospital with President and babysat his companion all day in the office and in our area. After two days of that, they both got to go back to their own areas. Two days ago another sick elder stayed with us who has some major muscle problems. The doctor diagnosed him with gastritis and muscle contractions but I really don't think that's what it is... he can hardly stand up and walk. But anyways, we were in charge of taking him to the hospital because President was 8 hours away visiting a far away zone with the assistants. Because it was an emergency President gave me permission to drive to the hospital! Yeah that's right, I got to drive! President is really frustrated that we can't get licenses here and he said that I can drive with my US license and passport if it's an emergency. He said if I get a ticket, maybe it will let the area office know that they need to find out an easier way for us to get licensed here. haha Hopefully that doesn't happen!
This week was also Sister Hayes birthday so the assistants, my comp and I went and bought cupcakes and some lilies for her! It was a nice little surprise for her before our staff meeting! I'll try to attach a video if the email lets me.
I dont really have much else to update you guys on... We´ve got a biggish group coming in in two weeks so hopefully that will keep me a little busier here. Everything is shutting down this week for Holy Week and all of the Catholics are starting their holy week traditions. It's going to be really hard to find people to teach this week because everybody is going out of town!
Love you all!
Mom note- Chase's video he talks about is on my FB page if you would like to see it.
Chase happy about driving!

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