Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Painted a house and made Dad's famous Chocolate Chip cookies amongst other things.

This week was kind of.... interesting. I feel like I did a lot and a little at the same time.

I sat around the office and did a whole bunch of studying again because my companion had a lot of financial stuff to do and I had nothing from migration to do. If you´ve never really sat down and watched the mormon messages on, I invite you to check some out. After almost watching all 100+ of them I can guarantee that there will be one that you will like! haha

This week was kind of frustrating because we did all that we possibly could to find new people to teach, but had no success. Being in the city is like that. At least the people that we are teaching are moving along really well! With Eduardo we started teaching about the word of wisdom and he agreed to live most of it EXCEPT the coffee part. He decided to make a pact with God. He said that once God gives him a job he will stop drinking coffee. I told him that it doesn't work like that... but we will see what happens!

We have been teaching this realllly evangelical lady named Karol. She is really interested in our beliefs but doesn't want to change her religion. Every time we end a lesson I also remind them that we don't just share messages with people, we are called to serve the people in whatever way we can. Well usually people just laugh and say that everything is good, but this time Karol took us up on the offer and asked us if we could paint her moms house! I rounded up the two other elders and two sisters that are serving in our ward and we went out early one morning to start painting. We ended up painting for 8 hours!!! It was quite the day! I was kind of annoyed at how long it was taking and was starting to feel like we were just wasting our time, but when we finished Karol said that she wanted to have all of the missionaries over to her house one night so that we could get to know her and her family better! It was a huge step of progress for her! Just through a simple act of service she was able to see that we are normal people that like to serve others! While we were working we talked about gospel topics and about the mission and I think Karol really liked what she heard.
Other than that... I don't think I have much more to report on... Next Monday the new missionaries are having the month check up and that means that I get to go and "help out"(which really just means eat a really nice barbecued American meal. Being in the office has its perks;))

1. I gave Sister Hayes(Presidents Wife) Dads cookie recipe and we made cookies together!! They almost tasted as good as he made them:)
2. One of the Elders decided to get cheeky and throw a bunch of paint on me... Don't worry I took the higher road and didn't get him back too badly. (even though I reallllly wanted to!)

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