Saturday, March 5, 2016

Bible appreciation and new questionable hair cut (gangster style)

This week I actually got to relax! It was kind of weird, because usually I have a mountain of things to do in the office, but I got caught up! This last group of missionaries that came in were only from three different countries so I didn't have a lot of individual stuff to do! My companion always has a ton of financial things to accomplish. This week I really just got to hang out and read. Before the mission I hated reading. I would rather be doing literally anything else. The mission has taught me how important reading is. I wish I would have read more looking back at it now, especially the bible. There is so much amazing information written in that book!
As latter day saints it is really easy to get caught up in just reading the Book of Mormon. And I'm not saying that its a bad thing... but we need to remember that we also believe in the Bible. We are Christians. We believe in Christ. Being out on the mission has made me realize why so many people don't think we are Christians. We spend so much time testifying about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon, that we forget to talk about our similarities. We read the same bible. We believe in the same Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Thanks to the restored truths that have been revealed in this last Dispensation before the coming of Christ, we can know even more about Christ´s true doctrine. The Book of Mormon states this in its introduction, ¨The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible." We need to always keep this in mind as we study the scriptures. This common ground is what enables us to share about these restored truths today.
Just a cool thought that came to my mind this week.... haha
Anyways, I have been keeping up with my investigators this week and they are all moving forward. We have plans to have 3 baptisms at the end of the month if all goes well! I have really started enjoying the lessons. I am slowly learning that I'm not the teacher when I'm in my lessons. My job is just to guide people to the truth and let the Holy Ghost take care of the rest. I´ve had some great experiences lately where I have really felt the power and authority of God when I teach. Sometimes I'll say something, or I'll share a scripture and I just feel some sort of power come over me and enter the room. I know this is the Lords work and all missionaries are His servants. He works through us and our job is just to do our part and study, invite, and be ready for anything.
On a different note... I got my hair cut today by some gangster. I told him to make me look good... so he spun me away from the mirror and went to town on my hair. He gave me a suuuper short fade and carved my sideburns up pretty high. I honestly kind of like it... but I'm nervous to see if president says anything this Monday when I see him!  haha we all make mistakes right? Lesson learned: never put full trust in a gangster to cut your hair. It could be worse though right? At least he didnt give me stars or lightning bolts like most of the gangsters have here!

Hope you all had a fantastic week! Keep on studying the scriptures and praying! Don't be afraid to ask Heavenly Father for miracles! He gives to people that seek him earnestly and with real intent.
Chase's new hair cut, gangster style.

Mission President's wife, senior missionary and old and new mission office elders.

Mission President and senior missionaries.

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