Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Chase hit his half way point on his mission and celebrated by eating a pint of ice cream.


So... I completed my year mark this week and guess what I did to celebrate!! Nothing... well besides buying myself a pint of ice cream and eating it all by myself, but that's nothing out of the ordinary. Really, it just felt like any other day, which is how it should be I think. The cool thing about a mission is that every day is soo important and you can't ever let yourself get distracted! It's crazy how fast time is flying by though... I don't really have that much to update you on... This week the Burt's (the office couple) took Elder Fuller, the Assistants and me out to lunch at Jonny Rockets. It was so good! The Burts are seriously so nice! They remind me a lot of the grandparents, especially because everytime they have a technological problem they walk right in to my office and ask me to fix it. (Just two days ago I had to wipe Elder Burts computer because he got a virus so bad that he got locked out of his own computer...)

I wish I had pictures of the activity from last week, but I forgot my camera, next week I should probably be able to steal some pictures from somebody. The activity was a huge success though! We have about 70 people show up and about 20 were investigators! It was really good for the ward and the community! President Hayes and his wife were able to come and they were really impressed! People loved what I made and were asking for the recipe for the sauces! I was so relieved that it all turned out well... haha

As far as my investigators go... Eduardo said he is ready to be baptized!! Only problem is that he can't go to church anymore... Yesterday we talked to him and he said, "I kept my promise to God and now I don't drink coffee! Now I can get baptized and I'll start going to church when my boss lets me get Sunday's off!" It was such a happy/ sad moment.  He was so happy to be able to finally make this big step in his life. His plan is to buy a motorcycle soon so that he can at least make it to the first hour of church before work. He promised me that he will get baptized before the end of the year and I believe him!

Well... since I don't have that many pictures, I decided to take a quick pic of Elder Fuller and I in the office... shoutout to the gangster barber for the fresh haircut

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