Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Volcano erupted and ash is everywhere


This week has been filled with a lot of embassy's, a lot of sitting around, and lot's and lot's of ash. I have been kept pretty busy with this new group of missionaries that came in and I've also been trying to prep for the next secretary that's coming in (I should start training in two weeks. WOOH!). Costa Rican migration laws are becoming a heck of a lot stricter now and I'm having to do a lot more work to try to keep the missionaries legal. I would write all of the new processes that I have to go through... but I don't want to bore you. In short, I'm going to have to spend even more time in the office figuring out ways to make the Costa Rican government accept new LDS missionaries in their country. It's a fun challenge.

This week I got sick with a cold... and then to make matters worse the Turrialba volcano blew up. The whole state of San Jose is COVERED in ash. It was kind of cool at first, but now its just annoying. The areas that are closer to the volcano have to walk around with funny looking masks, so at least I don't have to put up with that! haha

This week I got to play soccer with all of the youth from the ward! It was a lot of fun! We had quite a few investigators show up to play so it was a really good missionary moment too! I didn't have time to change clothes so I just played in my missionary clothes. Luckily my shoes held up just fine! haha

Below is a link to information regarding the erupted volcano.

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