Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Loving the new area and taught with a parrot on his shoulder


Perez Zeledon is so awesome! I forgot exactly how much I missed places like this! When I first got to the area (on the fourth of July) a member family invited the missionaries to celebrate and eat hamburgers. I knew this family because the husband works for the mission because he has a minibus and drives everyone around. They are so cool!

The next day I went and met our cook. She is a member that has a really interesting story and has three kids. The kids are all awesome. Then we went out and worked. Remember how I was always complaining that nobody wanted to accept us in my last area...? That doesn't happen here! (for the most part) We had 10 lessons with new people in just a matter of hours! 
The next day was the same, it was great! I saw a tucan and taught with a mini parrot on my shoulder... that was a first.

I'll tell you just a quick story about an old investigator that I met. He used to accept the missionaries and went to church a couple of times. He liked the church and everything, but didn't want to give up the women... he likes them a little tooo much. (he's also like 65... gross) Anyways, the missionaries haven't visited him for a couple of months so we decided to stop by. When he answered the door you could tell that he was having a hard time walking and had to use a cane. He let us in and said how nice it was to see us again. When we sat down he told us a crazy story about how he was up on his roof fixing some holes, when he fell 3 meters headfirst onto the concrete! He said he doesn't remember any of it, just that he was laying in a huge pool of blood almost dead. Then he says that he woke up in the hospital and thought he had died. When he realized that he was still alive he said he knew that it was a second chance that God gave him to be "reborn in the things of God." Right when he said that I was like, "Well brother, if you reallly want to start over and be reborn, I've got just the thing for you!" hahaha I read him John 3:5. And the best part is that after I read it to him he said, THATS PERFECT! and he is going to start re reading the Book of Mormon, stop doing naughty stuff with women, and all that good stuff. He is set to be baptized at the end of the month... I hope it all works out for him!

We also are prepping somebody named Carlos Luis for baptism and he already had the requirements and everything for baptism, so I said to my comp "why is he not baptized" and he said, "You know... I'm not sure".  So we have reviewed everything and I put a date for this weekend. He's totes getting baptized. haha

All in all... I'm happy. This area is great! If any of you feel unhappy... do the things of God. That's always the solution. The blessings and the happiness will come at the due time of the Lord.

Sorry for no pictures... I forgot.

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