Monday, November 28, 2016

Not sure how I feel about this e-mail (mom)

This week has gone by super fast. And so has my computer time...

Highlight of the week. I have become really good friends with one of the biggest drug dealers in Cocori and he always likes it when we come over. His girlfriend is really anti mormon but has been reading the book of mormon like crazy and every time we go over she has a page of questions for us to answer. This week his son had his 5th birthday and he wanted us to come over. We went and it was a huge party with all of the roughest from the neighborhood and a bunch of little 5 and 6 year olds. haha it was so strange! But hopefully good things come from all of this.

Also... there is a rumor that President is taking me out this change (one week) and is sending me to the Zona Sur. It's suuuper hot there and is about 9 hours away from San Jose... it's not a for sure thing, but if I get sent out there its going to be crazy!!

Sorry for no long stories... I ran out of time. But watch the Christmas video for this year if you have time! And accept the challenge to serve every day in December until Christmas!!

Love you!

Zone Conference

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