Friday, November 11, 2016

The sun is closer to Costa Rica than the United States!

This week we have received a lot of help from the ward in regards to missionary work. For example, we are supposed to have something called correlation every week where we meet with the ward mission leader and talk about how our investigators are doing.. well the last one we had was about 3 months ago. But this week we had one! And not just that, lots of the presidencies from the branch also came as well as a couple of youth that want to start helping us out and go on divisions with us! We got to discuss the needs of our investigators and they all seemed really willing and excited to help!

Wow... after rereading that I realized how sad the things that get a missionary exciteded are. haha Pura Vida

One thing that we have started doing (which I have now done in every one of my areas) is play soccer with the young men and other leaders from the ward once a week at night. Every church here has a basketball/ soccer court outside so it is a great opportunity to bring non members to church and see that we are normal. We have been able to see a little bit of success from that and I think it will keep getting better and better.

Today we woke up nice and early to play basketball with a couple of members and then we went to the church to play soccer with some other people right after. I am so burnt and exhausted it is not even funny. I don't know how, but I swear that the sun is closer to the world here in Costa Rica than it is in the United States, because when the clouds uncover the sun it hurts you. 

Anyways, tomorrow is Zone Conference so that means that tonight I get to enjoy a 3 and a half hour bus ride through the mountains. yay.

Thanks for all your prayers!

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