Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Another amazing experience

Good afternoon. This week has been quite splendid.
Last week our Ward Mission Leader´s wife called us and said that she had a reference for us and that she wanted to take us there to meet him.. but we were in a lesson and we couldn't go at that time... so she said that she would make an appointment with him for later. Well she called and called and he never answered. The next day we saw a guy walking really slowly up ahead. I felt like we needed to talk to him and I tried to get my comp to start a conversation with him (he is still very scared to talk to people and hardly ever does..) But after a 30 second conversation with my comp, I saw that I wasn't getting anywhere so I ended up starting the conversation. We started talking about the plan of salvation and if he thought that he had a purpse for his life and he started saying that he hadn't ever felt true happiness. He lost his job because somebody broke in and robbed his business, because of the stress of losing his business he had a stoke, after the stoke his wife left him with his 2 daughters, and now he has nothing and rents a tiny room that he doesn't have money to pay for... so it's safe to say that his life is hard.

After talking to him a little more he said that two days ago he was hit by a car and a Mormon helped him all day in the hospital... who was that Mormon? The ward mission leaders wife! He then said that he has had the feeling to talk to the Mormons ever since but he was too embarrased to ask for help. We then scheduled an appointment with him for the next day at the bishops house. We had family home evening with him and taught about The Book of Mormon. Over the next couple of days he started reading the Book of Mormon and said that he felt a happiness that he had never felt in his whole life. He said like he felt like his first love and he couldn't put the book down. Every night he fell asleep reading it. Then sunday came around and all the ward members wanted to take him to church, but he said he wasn't going to be able to go... but right before church started he said I'm here! He walked 45 minutes with a cane to come to church and didn't want anybody to help him because he didn't want to be embarrased. It was so crazy! The bishop was so exicted to see him there! It was super cool. He has a baptism date coming up and hopefully he can make it! Pray for Danny!

God puts us where he needs us so that we can help his children.
The Gospel is true. Love you all

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