Saturday, February 25, 2017

Loved hearing this, "God sent two angles"

This week has been insane.

First off, sorry for not writing yesterday. Today we had our month check at Presidents house for all of the new missionaries so our P-day got moved to today.

But crazy announcement. D got baptized on Sunday!! He has had a lot more challenges this week and he called us and said that he didn't know how much more he could take. His ex wife was not honest with him and said that she was going to bring his daughter that he hasn't seen in months to San Jose so that he could see her. But when he got to San Jose she was there alone and told him that she was going to get married and that she brought papers for him to sign saying that his daughter isn't his anymore and that his last name was removed from the daughters papers. Obviously he didn't sign the papers and left very hurt. 

After that we went to the ward mission leaders house to eat lunch. As D was telling us all that happened the ward mission leader said, D, when are you going to get baptized? And he said, my baptismal date is March 4th. Our ward mission leader asked, do you believe that Joseph Smith is a true prophet of God? He responded, Yes. then he asked, Do you think that the Book of Mormon is true? Yes again. Then he asked, so then what stops you from being baptized tomorrow? And D thought for a second and said, Well... nothing. so we taught him the commendments right on the spot and I called the leaders to come over and do the interview so he could be baptized the next day! And it all worked out! That all happened on a Saturday and on Sunday we announced his baptism and like 40 members , President Hayes, Sister Hayes, and Presidents mom showed up at the baptism that night! And it was so spiritual! So many people started crying after D was baptized because he told his story about how he lost everything and God sent 2 angles to save him and pick him back up. Then he shared his testimony and it was so good!
After the baptism he pulled us aside and said.. when you guys leave, you are going to take a piece of my heart with you. And started crying! It was such a crazy experience!

Soo.. in short miracles come true. Challenge people and you will be surprised with what happens. Remember that a challenge is a challenge when you might not be ready to accept it and can be hard. If you invite somebody to do something and they are ready, its an invitation and doesn't always provoke the same growth as a challenge.
Life is good.

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