Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Week #2 at the MTC "Thank you for letting me be a woman."  What??

I am seriously so jealous of the english speaking people right now... At the mtc you are given "investigators" to teach and you have to teach them in your mission language. So far I have had to teach four lessons and it is so hard to do in spanish! I have so much id like to say, but I have no idea how to say it, and it can be really frustrating at times... but I will say that the gift of tongues is real! There have been times in my lessons where I start saying things in perfect spanish and I have no idea where they came from! The mission is pretty cool like that so far. You REALLLLY have to be in tune with the spirit when you teach lessons.
The CCM is pretty amazing... there are soooo many missionaries here! It blows my mind how many people are getting ready to serve missions right now! It can get realllllllly exhausting here. you sit in class for at least 9 hours a day... and at least three of those hours are completely in spanish. I am growing so much though! My spanish is coming along really well! I have had two spanish dreams so far.. and that is really trippy! I am starting to forget english words already, so I cant even imagine how bad it will be by the time I leave!
The food is the exact same as the cannon... so i guess thats good and bad. It just gets old.. ya know? Oh well, rice and beans for every meal in costa rica will get old too i bet. haha 
As far as funny stories........ two of the elders that I share a room with are soooo bad at spanish. but they are both the nicest, funniest guys! They try really hard to pray in spanish... and usually say "I know Jesus is my Son so I am thankful" Or.... "Thank you for letting me be a woman." I dont think we have had an apartment prayer that we have gotten through without laughing! We all laugh so much here! Its like we are all five year olds who dont know how to talk! We try to only talk in spanish to eachother and it usually ends horribly... its definitely a challenge but im enjoying every second of it!
Please check out dear elder and send me messages from that! I like it a lot more than email because I can hear from you all the day you send the message and dont have to wait until wednesday to hear from you all.
The biggest and strangest adjustment so far is calling everyone elder and sister... The branch pres gets really annoyed when you call somebody by something other than elder (even "you guys")
I dont know if you will believe me, but I have woken up right at 6:30 every morning... not that I really have a choice... but I impressed myself with that!
I will send pictures as soon as I can! Even though today is my pday I still have a ton to do. I am going to the temple with my district today so ill probably be back at like 4 or 5?
OH! my companion and I are zone leaders, so thats pretty cool. There are only 7 people in our zone and district right now... but we should get like 8 more next week? so thatll be a good experience to be in a position of leadership for a little bit. Ahora hay siete personas en mi districto. Hay tres hermanas y cuatro elders. All of the people in my district are so nice and I get along really well with the elders that I share my room with.

ALSO tell thanks to donna warr for the cupcake! It was good! Its nice to know that somebody cares about me and send me stuff:)
one cupcake was good... DONT send massive amounts of food. We have so much to eat already. I told my comp that we are going to start working out during gym time because they force so much food down our throats here.
The food you send would be much appreciated... but pleeease dont make me fat!
Ask madison about the funny story I just sent her... im too lazy to type it out again:)
I have been watching mormon messages in spanish to help practice. This one just made a big impression on me (i found it in english for you)
You can watch it if you want... its pretty good!

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