Tuesday, June 9, 2015

He made it to Costa Rica!

Hola! I made it! I'm officially in Costa Rica! It is so weird here!
Some things that I have to get used to:
The language (obviously) the natives talk so differently!
The drivers- there is no speed limit enforced, there are tons of motorcycles everywhere, and you can drive pretty much wherever you want! Like for example last night our driver was going 100 inbetween two lanes on the freeway. It was kinda scary. Oh! And there are so many pimped out hondas here! Makes me miss mine... Maybe some of my stolen parts made it here? haha
The money is crazy! The exchange rate is so high! Right now I have 20.000,00 in my pocket and that isnt even really that much.
I don't have that much time to email. We went to the temple last night and im sending some pics that the mission pres' wife took. 
Its so sticky here! The humidity is definitely something I have to get used to!
The apartment I slept in last night was definitely interesting. dirty, small, tons of beds, but that's home now!
I'm so excited to be here!
The work seems like its going super well down here! I'm going out to teach later today! Wish me luck!
Love you lots!
¡Pura vida!
Elder Abel

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