Thursday, June 4, 2015

Last Letter From the MTC!

This week has been so crazy! I don't really know why... but it has felt super long! This will be my last email from the MTC because next wednesday I'll be in COSTA RICA!!!!! IM SO STOKED! I want to get out there so bad! Our district got our travel itinerary this week and it goes a little bit like this: 7:30 leave the MTC to go to the Salt Lake Airport. Then I fly to Atlanta, Georgia at like 11:00 I think? Once I land I have a two hour layover then I'm off to Costa Rica! Im not too sure on the times right now, because I don't have my itinerary with me.. but I'll make sure to let you know because guess what?! when I'm in ATL I get to call you during the layover! It's gonna be awesome! 
So last week it was cool because Elder Holland came and gave a devotional, but this week was even better! On Sunday, Janice Kapp Perry came and did the devotional! It was so cool! (If you dont know who she is, google her name) She has written so many songs in the childrens hymn book! She told so many cool stories and sang some of her songs and it was so cool! She seemed like a celebrity! THEN on tuesday, Elder D. Todd Christofferson spoke! He and his wife both had some great remarks about the importance of missionary work. It was really cool being able to have seen two apostles during my stay at the MTC. Hopefully one will come to my mission... fingers crossed!
I completed my goal and finished the Book of Mormon yesterday! It's crazy how every time you read it you find something new and it applies directly to your life! This time when I read through it I found so many helpful insights on missionary work! Now I'm trying to read the Book of Mormon in spanish... and let me tell you, it's quite a struggle. But I'm doing it! It may take 20-30 mins to read a chapter... but progress is progress!
My spanish is coming along quite nicely. This week we had our last "official" spanish class. So now I have been introduced to all of the grammar and things like that, now I just have to review and practice. A lot. I'm nowhere near being fluent, but I'm actually surprising myself at how well I can speak for only being here for six weeks. I had a cool experience with my companion a couple of days ago, where I was teaching a lesson about the spirit to one of our investigators. I felt really good during the lesson, and felt like I really helped our investigator. When the lesson ended and we walked out the room my companion turned to me and said, "You were on FIRE in there! Your spanish was amazing!" It was a nice little confidence boost. But, I know that I'll immediately be put back into my place when I step off the plane in Costa Rica. Oh well, I'm so excited for that! I want to be walking on Costa Rican roads. I want to be struggling with spanish. I want this opportunity to help others. I want to be able to grow!
It was sad to hear about Elder Perry's death... but it was cool hearing Elder Christoffersons' remarks about it, "Death isn't the end... its a graduation!" We might be able to watch the funeral here at the MTC, that would be nice. Hopefully I won't be gone when they choose to show it!
 Thanks for all your prayers and Dear Elders! I greatly appreciate them all! 
Hopefully I'll have some exciting stories to tell you next week!
Costa Rica here I come!
¡Pura Vida!
Elder Abel

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