Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Who knew he was such a clean kid?

Okay I have a lot to write and not a lot of time to write it... lets do this! (please bear with my typos)
First things first: I finally got a pillow! It has seriously made life so much better! I have been sleeping without one and was doing fine, until I woke up one day and my neck KILLLED so I finally went out and bought one.
Also... everything down here is so dirty. Trash everywhere, everywhere smells funny, I don't think most people know what a mop or a broom is, and that includes my apartment. And that is not easy for me... I like clean things. So this week I went to the store and bought a bottle of 409 and went CRAZY in the apartment. I spent hours cleaning and organizing everything! Elder Xicara said that I looked like a kid with a new toy. haha So now the apartment is a little bit cleaner and smells nicer thanks to my automatic air freshener. Plus cleaning has always been a good stress reliever so it was a good project for me.
The langauge here is slowly getting better... I had a cool experience a couple of days ago. We have been teaching this family since I got here, but when I first got here I could not understand ANYTHING that the wife was saying because she talked so insanely fast. But now this week when we went to teach a lesson, I could actually make out words! It was so nice! And she actually noticed and pointed out that she could tell that I actually kind of knew what was going on! hahaa
We had a zone meeting this week and I got to meet all of the missionaries in my zone. Surprisingly there are actually a lot of gringos in my zone! They tried to pick on me by having me say the prayer and do all these practices, but they were all shocked that I could actually speak clearish spanish! I love getting complimented on my terrible spanish because its really funny most of the time because I can't understand their compliments. Like a person will say, "wow I am shocked that you know so much spanish. I can actually understand what you{re saying and its pretty impressive." And I will just sit there staring at them like :/ what? Im getting pretty content with not knowing whats going on around me most of the time. I just embrace being lost. Im still studying the language like crazy though trying to make sense of this madness.
I went shopping today and it was so weird! The mall was playing all this really popular american music but none of it was edited! It was cussing like crazy but nobody cared because they couldnt understand it! I was not prepared for the cold at all so I bought a nice sweater. Also the clothes here are so cheap! like they are nice too! I bought a sweater that would usually cost like 60 in the US, a pair of blue pants (which are so cool! They are like stretchty skinny chinos but I can still wear them), and three ties for only like 20 bucks! And then I also needed a new backpack because I found out that my old one wasnt waterproof the hard way...
Tomorrow is the mission presidents last day, so we have big meeting with the whole mission. It should be pretty good! I dont really know what to expect though... I think I find out if Im going to the East or West mission tomorrow. Im pretty sure Im staying East.
Oh also... Im not sure of my address yet because of the mission split. I will probably know next week. Packages are safe to send... but there are some rules. Ill have them next week tambien. They take a while to get here... but they usually always do get here untouched. 
Also today I found out that I am serving in the "hood" of Costa Rica. Which makes sense... lots of sketchy stuff goes down in my area. I wont include any stories because I dont want to scare you, Mom. But if anyone wants to hear any email me and Ill let you know!
I hope all is well with you! Thanks for all of the prayers! 
Love you!

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