Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wonder if he will be in the East or West mission.

This week was a wet one. Lots and lots of storms. I have never seen rain like this before. It comes down in HUGE drops and it never stops! Also the lightning is insane! It happens about every 5-10 seconds and is always accompanied by crazy loud cracks of thunder. Its super cool. Luckily the rain hasnt been a huge problem in my área, but there has been some major flooding in other áreas. It makes sense though, summer is the rainy season here. I also found out this week that there are only two seasons here in Costa Rica. Summer and Winter. Most people dont even know about the other two. I had a cool thing happen a couple of days ago during the storm though. I accidently forgot my umbrella when I left the house and it starting pouring during our first appointment. But the wierdest thing happened. Every time we ended an appointment and had to walk to a different house, the rain stopped. Then the second we got into a new house, it started again. I thought it was just a coincidence, but then the next day I talked to the sisters who were in the área right next to us and they said that they both forgot their umbrellas yesterday and the same thing happned to them! Crazy how the Lord protects you from even Little stuff like rain.
Last week I forgot to mention that I gave a talk in church. It was a Little intimidating, but I think it went pretty well. I had it all written out, and read it pretty much Word for Word, but at least I could get my point across that way. My companion didnt prepare anything for his talk, but it went really well. Hopefully I can get to that point where I can just get up there and give a good, understandable talk in spanish on the fly.
This week was pretty cool. I feel like im really starting to bond with the people here. I dont know if thats because I can actually kind of understand the language now, or Im just not afraid of looking dumb trying to talk anymore. This week one of our investigators got remarried in a catholic church and we decided to stop by her house afterwards for the party. When we got there she gave us soda and cake and introduced us to her whole family. We ended up staying for hours and had a good time! She introduced us to her family as her really good mormon friends. Her family had a good time making me say all these weird Costa Rican slang words. I still dont know what I said... I hope it wasnt anything bad. they seemed to love it though. haha
This saturday it was our turn to clean the church. The whole church has tile floor so it was a tonnnn of sweeping. Luckily a recent convert family came to help us and it sped things up a lot. The family has two kids named Katherine and Christian. Katherine is 8 and is the cutest Little girl ever! I had never met her before but when she saw I was the new missionary she ran up to me and hugged me (well my legs, because shes like super short (and Im not sure if im supposed to hug children but she surprised me and I couldnt stop her so its not my fault)) She and I had a great conversation about her and her english teacher and the United States. I love talking to kids because they are super patient with my terrible spanish and love to correct me. After we cleaned the church we went to the piano and I taught them how to play a couple of songs. It was a lot of fun. When we were teaching the parents the next day in góspel principles they invited us to go to the Zoo in San Jose with them next monday. I hope that Works out!
The misión meeting was pretty fun. I got to meet a lot of people. It is really cool seeing all of the different countries people are from! There are a tonnnn of latinos serving in this misión and I was pretty lost during most of the meeting because it was all in spanish. Everyone was really sad that president was leaving. I wish I could have gotten to know him better... The new president comes tomorrow though and Im excited to meet him!
Spanish update: Still hard. Still improving.
Hey did you get the card I sent you? I sent a graduation card to Elise weeks ago from the MTC. Just wanted to make sure. Keep praying for me! I miss you all so much! Hope all is well!
Love you Mom!
Hope you have a good week! Pray and read your scriptures!

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