Monday, July 6, 2015

Sounds like Chase is in the East Mission and will be learning how to use a welder soon.

Cool things are going down here is CR. I am definitely starting to feel more comfortable and confident here. Today is my one month mark here in Costa Rica and the day I got here I made a promise to myself that I would be able to totally understand the people here and be able to comfortably talk in one month. Well... I failed. But its okay. That was an unrealistic goal. One thing I've learned out in the field is that its necessary to set goals for yourself. And set goals that are maybe a little unrealistic. That was you push yourself to complete it, and if you actually do achieve it, it feels amazing! So I have decided to adjust my language goal a little bit and from today on I will talk whenever I get the chance. Even if it doesnt make any sense, Im going to open my mouth and try. During lessons, on the streets, in church... doesnt matter. Im starting to learn what it means to forget yourself and work. Its super easy to feel insecure about your language skills and your testimony, but I honestly have nothing to lose and they have everything to gain. Its unfair to them if I dont try my hardest at all times. So... as hard as it may be, Im going to talk. Even order my own food at restaurants. (seriously that is the most stressful thing here) My new goal is two months. Lets do this.
I kind of started on that goal a little earlier this week and the second I committed to it I put it into effect. The next lesson we taught an investigator that I had never met before. I could tell this lesson was going to be interesting. We sat down and starting making small talk. she talked a little bit about her life, but then it got silent. After a couple of minutes of silence, she started crying. She wouldn't tell us why, but I could tell something was going on in her life. I pulled out my scriptures and shared Helaman 5:12 with her. We started talking about difficulties and challenges that life throws at you, but if we build our foundation on Christ, he wont let us fall. Let me tell you, there is no better feeling that when investigator looks at you with an awe-stricken face after you say something and says, "Wow" or "I really like that". It doesnt happen very often, but when it does... wow. Its powerful. It really fuels my fire to serve.  I cant wait till I have the language down because I know I have so much to share with the people here, I just dont know how to put the words together to deliver my message. Right now Im just relying on the Spirit to get my message across for me. While I will always rely on the spirit, I want to be able to do more on my own behalf. Anyways, after we talked about that we led it into baptism and talked about how thats the next step. Then we challenged her to be baptized. and she accepted. now if we can get her to church 3 times we can baptize her! It was so exciting! Especially because I feel like I actually helped her!
Also, we have this other investigator named Eduardo. Hes pretty cool and can actually speak some english so thats always nice. We have been doing some service for him by building a second floor for his house. and yes, I mean actually building it ourselves. The people here are crazy! they do everything themselves! He cut a hole in his celling and built some walls around the second "floor"and now we are doing electrical work and putting interior walls. Not going to lie, it actually is coming along quite nicely. When we got there to help the first time he looked at me and said "do you know how to use one of these?" and pointed to a welder. I just laughed because I thought it was a joke. He wasnt joking. He wanted me to weld together his roof. I haven't touched the welder yet, but Im waiting for him to teach me.
Tomorrow I meet the new president of the East mission. Im super excited! From what I've heard from the other missionaries, he sounds super nice! I cant wait to meet him!
Oh, my ward is starting to have english classes every saturday. Guess who the teacher is. Me! Im super excited! I have no idea how to teach english... but It'll be so fun! Both members and nonmembers are invited so hopefully we have a good turnout and itll be a good teaching opportunity.
Lastly, here is my address:
Costa Rica San Jose East Mission
Apertado Postal 249-2010
Zapote, San Jose, Costa Rica

Im like 90% sure that this is the permanent address for the mission. If not, ill let you know. And if it changes, Ill still get the letter itll probably just take longer. Ive been told that letters take 2-3 weeks and packages take at least 2 months. so yeah... Dont send anything that I need to get quickly. haha
HEY!!! Happy birthday!! Sorry its late... I remembered right after I used my computer time last monday.. so dont think I forgot about it! What did you end up doing? Madison told me that you would be in santa Barbra. I hope you lived it up down there. Maybe went to a frat party? I think you still look young enough to get into one. haha
Seriously though, I love you so much! hope you had a good birthday and madison did something special for you!
Hope this week was amazing! Keep praying! And it wouldnt hurt to put me in your prayers every once in a while;) 
Paz y Bendiciones! Pura Vida!

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