Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The power of prayer is real.

I cant believe its already Pday again! The weeks are starting to fly by! I dont know why that is, but I think its because Im finally starting to adjust to life here in CR. This week I have learned a ton about prayer. I have been watching the movie 17 Miracles with my companion on repeat in spanish because its one of the only movies we have here, and one thing that that movie stresses is the importance of prayers. (I can tell Im getting used to spelling things and talking in spanish because I keep catching myself spelling things like you would in spanish. for example importance -> importants ... Que feo)  Anyways.... I have started praying with faith that I will recieve blessings. I have learned that if you prayer, KNOWING that you will recieve help, you will always get it. Yesterday I recieved a HUGE testimony of that. Sometimes when I need help, or am feeling sick, I walk a little behind my companion and offer a short, sincere prayer and usually it helps a little. However, yesterday I had a huge headache, and it was really messing up my spanish and lessons and everything. So inbetween lessons I offered a prayer with a huge amount of trust and faith in the Lord. The second I said amen, the headache was gone. And stayed gone until we went home that night so I could take medicine. It was so cool. I learn so many little lessons like that every day, thats just one example.
The language is coming along quite nicely now! I dont really know what it is, but this week Im really starting to understand the people... and I know that I say that every week, but Its true! Every day I get better and better! I love seeing progress! 
My companion is really starting to test me. Now when we get into lessons, we will start talking, say a prayer, then he turns to me and gets silent and I have to teach the whole thing. He doesnt even warn me. At first, it was terrifying, but now Im used to it. I dont know why, but when I talk (no matter how terrible my spanish is) the investigators listen SOOO intently. There is not a better feeling in the world than a person complimenting you on your lesson. It gives me so much more confidence!
One more quick story... just to show you how cool the Lord works and how nice the people are here! Since my trainer is the district leader, we have to go and interview everyone in our district before they can get baptized. We went to interview this family who is suuuuper nice. They have three daughters and are full of energy and love talking EXTEREMELY fast. While my companion was interviewing, I got to talk to the family and we got to know eachother pretty well. When we left that night I didnt think I would ever see them again. Buuuuut today, after we had the first month check with the president at his house (oh yeah that happened) we were going to have to wait outside in the super hot air for a bus for about an hour. But out of nowhere, that family just happened to be driving by, an hour and a half away from their own house! They recognized us on the side of the road and picked us up and dropped us off here at san jose. It was such a nice tender mercy of the Lord!
I guess I should explain the month check. All the new missionaries that came with me had a meeting at the mission presidents house. He lives in a condo about to hours away from my area. Its super nice though! And it was cool taking a bus there because I got to see more of Costa Rica! He talked to us for a little bit, gave some inspiring insights and then we had a BBQ. Hamburgers and hot dogs taste sooo good now! It is like a delicacy here to have good american food!
I wish I could send pictures, but this computer has broken USB drives... sorry. Next time! I have a video of how crazy the rain is here. It was super hot about half an hour ago, but now there is deafening thunder outside and its pouring. Weather is weird.
Love you!

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