Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sweet e-mail and picture from Temple Missionaries

My name is Elder Ron Sparks. 
My wife and I are Temple Missionaries in the San Jose Costa Rica Temple and we receive from the Temple President assignments to visit wards throughout the Temple District. We love that assignment because it gives us the opportunity to meet and associate with wonderful Elders and Sisters who serve in these missions. Today it was our privilege to visit Barrio Ipis where your son serves, when I learned that he only had 2 months in the mission I was amazed. His comprehension, his vocabulary and his accent or maybe I should say lack of accent was well beyond someone who has been out just 2 months. I sometimes meet missionaries who are ready to go home who don't speak as well as he does. Normally when we visit wards we speak in Sac. Meeting and they usually have a speaker preceed us, today we had the opportunity to listen to your son give a talk. He did GREAT. His subject preparation, his wording and his accent were all wonderful. I'll bet you are thinking that there is not much more to brag about with your son, well there is still more. During sunday school his companion had to speak with the Bishop for about 20 minutes and your son had the Gospel Essential lesson. He didn't appear to be too nervous and taught it without any hesitation. Those in the class understood what he was saying, he understood what they were saying and was able to respond to their questions and ask them more questions. As I watched him I could see his mind racing to figure some things out and search for the words he was wanting. He most often found what he was wanting and he did a great job. In my opinion your son loves what he is doing and is happy. He loves the people and they love him. I don't know what he looked like before his mission but he sure appears to be healthy and happy now.
Thanks for sending your son to serve.
Elders Sparks

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