Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lots of changes for Chase.

So..... this week has been pretty crazy. With the literal death of one of the missionaries and the figurative death of my trainer, things have been a little weird in the mission lately. My trainer left me today to go home, because he had to go home early for reasons... so now I have a new trainer! His name is Elder Camacho and he is from El Salvador! Ive been with him for about 1 hour now, and from what I can tell he seems pretty nice! He only has 6 months and 1 area in the mission, so we are still kind of learning together. I now have a couple of challenges... I have to show him the area, and set up appointments with our existing investigators. And he cant speak english. I feel like this is the push I needed though. I definitely have to step it up a knotch and work super hard.
So many people have come up to me telling me that there is a sister coming from my city. It will be pretty cool to see her here.
Other than that, nothing new has really been going on. We have a lot of new investigators, so Im excited to see what we can do with that. We had a family come with us to church yesterday, and they are progressing really well, so hopefully they will be my first baptism!
Since I have been lacking on pictures, Ill send a ton of them right now! Hopefully you can forgive me for being so lame with the pictures lately!

 Here some pictures of my apartment. Funny story about the shower: The first night I tried to use it, I turned the knob and the shower head caught fire and started shooting sparks out of it. I felt like spencer from ICarly (hopefully somebody got that reference). I still have no idea why it did that.

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