Monday, August 17, 2015

Chase got bit by a dog this week amongst other things

This week was full of ups and downs. Lots of success and lot of wasted time. I'll start with the bad to get that out of the way. The people here are never home!! Even when we have an appointment and arrive on time the people aren't home! If we call them and say we will be there in half an hour, they always leave right before we get there... its kind of frustrating. BUT we have found a way to combat this struggle. My companion and I have been doing a lot of divisions with ward members. A division is where I go with a ward member and my companion goes with a ward member and we each teach a lesson. We can teach twice as many lessons this way.
We had divisons on Wednesday of last week and I was super nervous because I would be teaching a little bit of everything to a whole bunch of people since we were doing a 6 hour division. In those 6 hours I taught 6 lessons, challenged people to be baptised, found new investigators, and talked to a lot of people. It was seriously such a cool experience! I felt like I really helped and did my part that day! I know I wasn't alone though... I was praying a lot the day before that I would be able to have succesful divisions. There was not one time that day where I struggled with my Spanish. I understood completely everything. That had never happened before. It was such a blessing and a miracle! It was a direct answer to my prayers. And since then my Spanish hasn't been anywhere close to where it was that day. I know that I was blessed because I put my trust in the Lord and was confident in myself. And the same applies for every aspect of life! It's cool how that works!
Yesterday I got bit by a dog in the leg. Not bad, but was enough to want to kick the dog afterwards. Didn't make a hole in my pants so everything is all good.
I also had quite the experience with my companion the same day as the dog bit. (not sure if you want to share this in the blog or not mom) He always has to pee... like seriously every hour. We were coming back from lunch and he said it was an emergency and started run/skipping to our apartment. But I had the keys. He ran upstairs and waited for me to unlock the door, but I started talking to the neighbor about the rent. I guess I took too long because when I walked upstairs my companion had peed himself. Badly. I felt bad but couldn't stop laughing. He had to shower afterwards and we lost about an hour of our day.... 
Also, this Saturday was Mothers Day in Costa Rica. (weird right?) Anyways, there is a recent convert who lives by us named Victor who always likes to plan get togethers with the community. For Mothers Day he hosted a Mothers Day party and we decided to stop by and take advantage of all of the nonmembers there and teach a giant lesson. We show up and they start talking about how somebody needs to hire a stripper. Right when we walk in the house the power goes out and the whole house gets dark. When the lights come back on we are standing in the middle of the room... guess what they thought. yeah.... it was awkward. But my companion and I sang two hymns about families and passed out cards with our numbers on it. Hopefully we get some lessons out of that!

Hope everybody is doing well! Love you all!

Guess the name of this fruit! They are super popular here. Inside is a clearish center with a big seed. The inside reminds me of the inside of a grape but its really chewy. I really like it because you can throw the whole thing in your mouth(once its peeled) and chew it like gum!
             I received this picture from a member through e-mail.-Andrea

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