Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Chase sang a solo in church??

This week has been full of new and interesting things. I needed a lot of patience this week. We usually plan our week pretty good, but for whatever reason almost every single plan we made ended up falling through. We really struggled finding people to teach during the day because almost everyone was either at work or in another city.
Even with this struggle we still managed to have some success! There was a total of 103 people that came to church this week which was the most I've seen since I've been here! We also had 8 investigators show up so that's comforting also!
This week we had a multi zone conference. It was pretty cool because elder Duncan from the 70 came and gave a 3 hour lesson on missionary work. It was cool to be able to have a somewhat personal lesson with a member of the 70! Alllllso, there was a special musical number in the middle of the conference and guess who sang? ME! Two of the sisters in my district kind of forced me into it... but yeah. I sang with a couple of other hermanas from my zone at the meeting. And I had a solo at one part. 
On another note, some kid tried to sell me drugs this week. That was an interesting experience. He came up to me and said, "hey gringo, want to buy some drugs, just two bucks" (in ghetto Spanish) I politely turned him down and then he told me that if I ever did I just need to let him know. So I guess I have a dealer here if I ever need one...?
Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk to two drunk men. The first kept talking about how a little mouse on his coin was God and how we need to all search for Joseph Smith. The second was actually a cool experience. we were walking down the street and a man named Rodrigo came up to us and asked us why there are bombs in the world. Even though he was a little tipsy we used this as a teaching opportunity and taught about the plan of salvation and how everyone can change. After a little bit he invited us over to his house. I guess its his birthday tomorrow and his whole family was there celebrating. We are going back to his house this week to teach him and his family. I feel like there is a lot of potential with that family, and if it ends up working out, it will be a great story!
Other than that, not a lot new has happened... I hope all is well with you all!
Continue to keep me updated with your lives! 
Love you lots!

Abel is a common name here, and when I found a truck with my name on it I couldn't resist!
I am really proud of my chicken coop that I made this week! Eduardo didn't have walls for us to put up in his house this week so instead I built this for his chickens!

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