Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Did he say he got a concussion?

Another extremely wet week has passed by fast.
This week we continued to find great families to teach, I got a concussion, and I had a humbling experience with the priesthood.
The miracles are still popping up like crazy. This week we had multiple people run up after us in the street asking if we could teach them. We have had strong feelings to knock on random doors, and they turn into great lessons.
Last Monday I was playing catch with a missionary with a little stress ball. As I was running after it I turned around and ran headfirst straight into the corner of a cement wall. Immediately after I had a HUGE bump and was pretty dizzy. I iced my head and the bump went down a lot, but the dizzyness continued. I called the nurse and after describing my symptoms she said I had a little concussion, but since I can still remember things I should be good. Now I feel almost back to normal, but I still have a pretty nice bump. One thing that the mission has taught me is that there will always be something that makes you want to stop working, whether it is a sickness, something hurts, the weather, but you always have to stay firm to your purpose and the blessings will come.
We have had a couple new sister missionaries come into our district. One of the sisters is having a hard time adjusting and getting used to the langauge. One day I recieved a call and her companion asked me if I could go and give her a priesthood blessing in English. After I gave the blessing, you could tell her attitude changed a lot. You could tell that she felt a renewed purpose and the comfort of the Lord. I am so grateful that I have been entrusted to hold the power of the Lord so that I can help others.
I don't have much more time, so I hope that is enough for today.
Thanks for all the happy birthday emails!
The 15th of september is the day of independence here.

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