Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2 baptisms and another dog bite!

¡Hola chicos!
This week has been full of excitement! 
I would like to start off by telling you about one of the scariest moments of my mission. Well... remember my first week when the shower head caught on fire? IT HAPPENED AGAIN! This time was soo much worse though! I was turning off the water after I finished showing, but something strange happened. The showerhead started making a suuuuper loud scratching sound, and then spit out a ton of boiling hot steam! Then the whole shower head started glowing bright red and smoking like crazy! Then, it popped and stopped working. It was so weird. But now we have a new replacement showerhead and its works great:)
I also got bit by a dog again. Different dog, same place. There are too many stray dogs here.
The ward had a really cool activity that I really liked this Saturday! It was modeled after Lehi's dream. There was a rope strung down the middle of the hallway of the church and on one side were good things and on the other were worldly things. The people had to walk down the hallway and choose whether they wanted to go in a good room or a bad room. Across from our room was a huge dance party with super loud music and laser lights... needless to say, not a lot of people chose our room.
This week I also learned to weld. We are building a balcony in Eduardos house now and I welded in the floor. I think I did a good job? I hope I did...
Last Saturday we had two baptisms! It was really nice! I baptized Jesus and my companion baptized Michael. They are twins that live with a recent convert. They are about our age, and it was really fun teaching them. Jesus is really excited about progressing even more in the gospel and has been asking me tons of questions about the priesthood and the temple. It's so cool to be able to be part of somebody's conversion like that! I feel so motivated and grateful for the opportunity to bring one more person back to our Heavenly Father! 
A Huge thunderstorm broke out just now and lightning struck super close to the stake center where I am, and all of the power went out... luckily the computer saved my email!! haha the thunderstorms are crazy here. The thunder is like a loud cracking sound, like nothing I've ever heard before! 
I have time for one more story... I have really been wanting a candle. 1: because our apartment always smells super bad (because the amount of rats that die under our house is incredible. Also remind me to tell you the story of the GIGANTIC rat that we have living in our house next week) and 2: because it is super relaxing. So I went into a store and asked if they had "candelas aromaticas" but the lady heard "candelas romanticas" and thought I was trying to hit on her. It was awkward... Things like that happen all the time though! I can speak Spanish pretty clearly now, but the people here always think that I can't and don't listen! I'll say something and my companion will understand, but the person I'm talking to will ignore me or hear something totally different! Oh well... I will just keep trying. 
Hope everything is well with you all! Remember to pray daily with faith! God is always there to give us everything that we need, we just have to trust that we will receive his help according to his time!
Pura Vida
 I have really been putting off cutting my hair... I think its time for a haircut

This is why I'm fat. Soda and baked goods. They are everywhere and are super cheap! My baptismal pants barely fit me now... I need to cut down on the sweets.

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