Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pride is about my glory; Humility is about God's glory- Ephesians

Buenas Dias todos! Espero que todo este bien con ustedes!

Each week I write a big letter like this, and it gets harder and harder to think of things to write about. While every week has its challenges, and strange experiences, they start to blend together and just become part of the mission life.

Thanks to everybody that wished me a happy birthday! It really made my day a lot better! And to those that didn’t wish me happy birthday... there's always next year:)

This week my companion and I had a really strange experience. We were walking along this road on the opposite side of our area, but we had to get to the church really quickly. The fastest way to the church from where we were at is through this one sector called Matadero "or the killer". Usually we stay far away from that area, but we had a member waiting for us in the church, so we were really debating whether or not we should go through there. My companion whispered to me, "Do you think that we should go through matadero?" And right after he said that a man appeared right in front of us out of nowhere and said, "That would not be recommendable." and walked away. When we turned around, the man had disappeared. I don’t know where that man came from, how he heard my companion, or where he went after, but I know that the Lord was looking out for us in that moment. Sometimes a phrase as short as "no es recomendable" is all it takes to recognize the hand of the Lord in your life.

We also have been challenged by our zone leaders to baptize every month. We had it set up to baptize four people this month, but all of their baptismal dates didn’t work out because they didn’t go to church the week before. We have this one investigator named Maria who has gone to church many times, but never wants to accept a date for her baptism. Eager to fulfill our challenge, we prayed to the Lord right before our lesson with Maria that she would accept a baptismal date for the next weekend. Filled with confidence mixed with a little bit of fear, we went in and taught all about baptism with all our might. At the end of the lesson we challenged her to be baptized but didn’t say anything about a date. This was her response: "Look, I know that I can be baptized soon. Heck, if I wanted to, I could be baptized next weekend. But that would be a commitment between me and you. I need to be prepared by the Lord and make a commitment with HIM, because baptism is something serious that takes time." And we were both like, oohh. We were both humbled by the Lord in that moment. Baptism is something that we need to invite others to do, but they need to really be ready to accept the invitation. This is the Lords work, and while we can set goals and be confident that we can baptize, we aren’t going to go anywhere if it isn’t in accordance to the desires of the Lord.
Oh and I get to go to the temple this Wednesday! It’ll be weird, because it will all be in Spanish. I’m kind of nervous, but it will be a cool experience to get to do a session here in San Jose. We are going with our whole zone and the mission president and his wife will also be there. I’m sure it will be a great experience!

Also, the emails have been slowing down... what’s up with that?? Email me everybody! I get lonely here! haha

I hope everybody is doing well! Remember, if you put the Lord first in all things, the blessings will come. The biggest sacrifices, and the hardest commandments to follow, will bring the biggest blessings!

Love you all!

Pura Vida!

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