Saturday, August 27, 2016

Meet some nice intersted neighbors

I'm finally starting to see change! It's been a long time coming, but this week has made me feel like I'm actually accomplishing things here.

The biggest challenge in this area has been bringing people to church. I would call and confirm with each of my investigators Saturday night and they would always say, "Of course I'm going to church! I'll see you tomorrow!"... and they would never come. That happened for almost a month. I got super frustrated, because it seemed like no matter what I did, nobody would come to church! I kept telling myself that I was just being tried, and eventually the blessings would come. Using Ether 12 to help me along.

This week I finally start to see a change in the area. The whole time that I have been here, I have always wanted to contact my apartment complex, but there always came up legit reasons to not have time to do it. One day, when we walked out of the house to go work, I got a strong feeling that I had to talk to all of the neighbors. So we did. We started at one house that we always walk by and there is always a guy laying on the couch and it looks like he doesn't ever do anything. So when we knock on the door I'm thinking, "Here he is again... laying on the couch.. he's so lazy he is never going to want to listen to us." But when he answers the door he is super nice. He completely opens up to us and explains that he has a 2 year old son that was born with a deformity in his mouth and he has to stay at home all day to take care of him because its so serious. He says that it has been tough on him and his wife and that he has been been looking for something that will make his life a little easier. We explained the restauration a little and he loved it! 

After that great contact, we went to his neighbor and met a single mother nurse who has two daughters. She also really liked our message and invited us back. We decided to contact one more house in our complex before we headed out and met this guy who used to go to our church about 10 years ago. He never got baptized, but really liked everything about the church. He says he wants to go again and fix his relationship with god. Not bad. 3 for 3. Then after that we went out and found a bunch more people who wanted to learn about the restoration.

Then this Sunday we had 3 people come to church on their own! It was so nice to come to church and just have investigators walk right in. They all really liked church and seem like they will progress really well.

I'm so happy to see that the area is finally starting to come together, despite all of the challenges.

Ether 12:6 And now, I, Moroni, would speak somewhat concerningthese things; would show unto the world that 
faith are things that are hoped for and not seen; wherefore dispute not because ye see not, for ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith.

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