Monday, August 1, 2016

Beach, baptism and dark spirits, oh my.

This week has been crazy.

Elder Palencia and I have been working hard and have had some cool experiences because of it. This week has been pretty rainy and we have done a lot of walking, but it's been worth it with the amount of new people that we have found. 

During the week nothing too interesting happened... but the weekend was super exciting! Saturday at 8:00 Luis got baptized! After his baptism he gave a really nice testimony and then the next day he received the priesthood and the holy ghost! 

After church on Sunday we got a call from a member that said that her 14 year old daughter that lives far away has been seeing and hearing strange things... and that she thinks that her house has a weird evil spirit. Soo... jokingly I said.. "well it looks like you're in luck, because I have been practicing my Latin and just restocked on my holy water, so lets do an exorcism!!" And she thought I was serious... so we walked two and a half hours through the rainforest, battling high humidity, the occasional rainfall, and bugs the size of my head until we finally arrived to a quaint little shack of a house. Once inside we enjoyed a quick little lesson about the sacrament then got down to business. I did the anointing and my comp did the blessing. While we were doing the blessing she started falling forward a little bit and we had to hold her up. Once we finished she started bawling and it kind of freaked her family out because they said that she never cries. Then she said that she wanted to throw up but couldn't... it was weird.. Then I blessed the house and got out of there. 

Also.. today for p-day we went to the beach! Its called Dominical. It was my first time going to the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. It rained the whole time... but it was still lots of fun! I made a mini missionary out of rocks and we (the sisters, my comp and I) played volleyball!

Well... I ran out of time. I hope that you all have a wonderful week and remember to say your prayers!!

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