Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Learning a lot and getting a new companion from Utah.

Well this secretary thing is going to kill me. I run on absolutely no sleep in this job. I had no idea all the of the work that the secretaries had to do. This week we had 19 new missionaries come in and my job is to get them all legal. I have had to go to all sorts of embassies and talk to a lot of different lawyers. I´m not usually a very stressful person, but this job is full of stress. I could get somebody thrown in jail or deported if I don't do my job right! I also walk the sketchy city streets with cash in my pockets trying to look as casual as possible.
I realized that in my last letter I didn't really give you any info about the area. whoops haha. I'm back in the city, so the work here is pretty hard again. There are a lot of Catholics and Evangelics in the city.  Luckily, our hard work is paying off and we have found some amazing people. We are hoping that we can bring at least five people to church tomorrow.
My trainers name is Elder Nelson. He is from Sandy, Utah and he's pretty funny. His old companion and him have been mission secretaries for a year, and are ready for a change. They both are really excited to get back in the field and be  "full time" missionary's. Elder Nelson  told me that he gained 30 pounds in the office because of all of the stress eating haha I've already eaten so much pizza here. There are a ton of really nice American restaurants in the city and huge malls that have really expensive stuff... I think I'm going to waste a lot of money here.
After this six weeks and we finish training, my new companion will be Elder Fuller. He's a tall red headed Canadian from Alberta. He is going to be the Financial Secretary and is in charge of getting all of the missionaries their money for the month. My job is a lot more fun because I get to talk to fancy lawyers and leave the office with all of the missionaries to take them to their embassies. I don't think I could handle his job and be in the office all day long. He's really cool, but he only has 4 months in the mission and can't speak Spanish... it's going to be a struggle. I always have to translate for him. Lessons will be interesting when I have to go out with him. Elder Fuller is an interesting person who plays the bagpipes, piano, and is always beat boxing while playing with one of his 6 Rubix cubes. I think you get what kind of a person he is. It'll be a great time though, I'm sure. haha

I hope everybody had a great new year! Thanks to everybody from the ward that sent me Christmas letters! I loved each and every one of them!
Keep the email's coming and I love getting pictures:)
Love you all!

Pictures from when Chase traveled by boat to the island.

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