Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The family from Siquirres got married and baptised!

Good afternoon everybody!
This week was a long, somewhat stressful, and very tiring. I wish I had a lot of cool stories to tell you, but most of the stuff that I did was just office work. I am working with all the new missionaries trying to get them all licenses so that they can be legal, but its always a huge process. I have to go to all of their countries embassies and get them all finger printed and lots of other stuff. Its fun though. I get to know everybody in the mission as a secretary.
I don't waste all of my life here in the office though. I usually get to teach after 4 everyday. This area is pretty tough to find new people that are interested in listening to you, but we have been blessed and have found three great families that are very interested in the Mormons. I love finding people with good, kind hearts here. It's so easy to become best friends with the people here, especially when you are constantly bearing testimony to them.
I do have some good news. Remember the family that I talked about a couple of weeks back, when I invited them to be baptized and I felt something on my shoulder... The parents got married and they all got baptized this last week! On the date that I challenged them too! I wasn't planning on coming to the office and missing their baptism... but that's just the way it works out. Its kind of funny how often that happens to me... I change areas and I miss my converts baptisms by a week! Oh well... I guess the Lord is just trying to teach me something. I'll attach a picture of their baptism. President Hayes and his wife got to go to the wedding and the baptism and they said it was really special and that I got a lot of Hello's from the people of Siquirres. It's nice to know that they haven't already forgotten about me haha
The mission is so great. You are tested and grow more than you ever thought was possible. I'm so grateful for this opportunity that I have to be a missionary.
Also... I got all the Christmas packages from the grandparents annnnd the Insanity workout videos! Huggge thanks for all of that! I can now guiltlessly eat all of my Christmas candy, because I workout with the videos every morning!
Happy Birthday to Madison! I saw pics from your birthday party and it looked really cool! I also saw some vids of you dancing... it was good but maybe by senior year you'll be as good as I am;)
Hope all is well with you all! Love you all so much!


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