Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Passports, ID's, lawyers, tithing money, truck, new computer program...Lot's of learning and growing.

Saturday's will be my new P-days from here on out so you can expect to hear from me on Saturdays.
This has been my first official week of being the new immigration secretary. I thought that they would slowly train and work me in, but I was very wrong. I have now sent home 12 missionaries and am currently getting ready to bring in 19 new missionaries. Let me tell you... it's a ton of work! You have to do a lot of paperwork and you work with really professional legal people. One cool thing though is that we get a truck, and its really nice too. We get to drive it all around the mission to get immigration work done. I am also responsible for all of the mission funds, passports, ID's and other things related.  I handle a LOT of money!  I was so surprised to see how much money the church spends on all of this.  It is really scary though because I can't lose a cent of it because it comes from peoples tithing and I could get in trouble if I do.
Even though I'm the new secretary that doesn't mean that that's all I'm going to be doing in the mission now. I'm usually going to be in the office until 4:00 everyday and then I'll go out and work in the field during the night (which isn't that bad, because that's the time when everybody is home.) The secretary's area is kind of well known for not having a lot of success. In my three days here, I have already tripled the monthly goal of new investigators for the week. I'm pretty excited to get to lift up this area, I just hope that I can continue with this success.
Okay and now the e-mail is going to get a little nerdy, please bear with me... haha  So as secretary I am in charge of filling out a ton of paperwork to send to lawyers so that they can be legalized. The secretaries before would spend hours and hours filling out each form individually with all of the information and it was really tedious. So I looked at all of the forms that we needed to fill out and looked at the information we had and wrote a computer program that automatically fills out the necessary forms with the  right info. This has turned a three hour job into a ten minute job.  I am still working with the program to make it even faster.  I'm hoping with all of this optimization I'll be able to work out in the field more and save all the future secretaries a whole bunch of time!
I will try to keep the emails as exciting as I can with all of this office work. Hopefully I can find some more good investigators here and I'll be able to tell you all about that. I'm back in the city and I forgot how unfriendly the people are here... I miss the people in the jungle!
Hope you are all doing well!

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