Sunday, January 31, 2016

New companion is Buddy the Elf, no longer able to drive because of new law, Elder Cook is visiting!

I hope everybody had a fantastic week! I can't believe that a change has almost gone by since I've been here in my new area. I'm learning so much, I'm not sure my head can take much more. Since the change is almost over the workload here is slowing down. But it'll pick back up in two weeks. Training is now officially over and Elder Fuller and I are official companions. Boy has that been an adjustment. Remember buddy the Elf from Elf? Would you believe me if I told you that that's exactly how my companion is? Because he is. To a T. He's great though, really nice and caring.
Today Elder Cook is coming to Costa Rica. We will be having a meeting with him and the other mission. It'll be cool to be able to see both missions together. I've been kind of in charge of setting the meeting up, so hopefully everybody gets there on time and nobody gets lost. Otherwise I will be in big trouble.
As far as the whole driving thing here goes, I haven't been able to get my license because Costa Rica just passed a new law and said all people under 21 that have vertical licenses can no longer get a license here. So that's been a huge problem. I'm in charge of getting the missionaries everywhere and if one is going home, I have to drive them to the airport at 3 in the morning. Since I don't have a license right now I have been spending a tonnnnn of money on Taxis, to the point where it has gotten ridiculous. So I have been talking with the lawyers and the church HQ in Guatemala and finally got permission to take a Costa Rican driving course here so I can get my license. It'll be quite the experience. I have to take a written test in Spanish, and take a behind the wheel test. Wish me luck. I've heard that the written test is reallly hard. The say that because of that, there are more accidents than licenses in Costa Rica. haha
Sorry I didn't have that much to report on this week. Hopefully next week I'll have some good stories!
Keep the emails and pictures coming! Love you all!
I(Andrea) asked Chase a few questions in my personal e-mail to him that you might be interested in.
1) Do you work closely with the mission President and what is he like?
2) Does your companion go with you when you drive to the embassies?
I work with the mission president all the time. He is so great. He knows a lot about the scriptures. He was the head of religion at BYUI and specializes in the old testament and early church history. He has been to every church history site in the bible and bom and dyc in the world except for one in Mexico. His wife is so sweet too. She looks and reminds me of grandma Cathy haha. We are always doing stuff for them. For example, today we are having a double mission conference in the other mission to see elder Cook speak. We are going to stop by presidents house to pick up Sister Hayes, because he has a meeting. It's like we are just part of the family. Being secretary is a hard, and stressful position, but it definitely has its perks.
Here is a video of President Hayes explaining the whole BoM in an hour at BYU. It just kind of shows you how he is.
I can go to the embassies without my companion, because I go with other missionaries. The fun part of my job is that I'm hardly ever in the office. I do what I need to here, but then I'm out and about going to government buildings.

Since my email was so short and boring please enjoy this picture of me and two of the cutest kids ever


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