Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Visited a volcano, found another great investigator, oh and took a bananna selfie.

Buenas tardes,
I cant believe that it's already PDay again. I'm trying to take over all of my secretary responsibilities on my own and I think it's actually going pretty well. I'm finishing up with all of the new missionaries that came in this change and am getting ready to send the next group home. There is always lots of work to do in the office, but this week my companion and I have tried to focus more on working out in the field. We have definitely been blessed for making that decision.
We are teaching quite a bit of investigators right now and a lot of them are starting to think about baptism. We had a worldwide missionary conference  last Wednesday which focused on the importance of teaching repentance and focusing on Jesus Christ. We used that as our theme for the rest of the week and found that more people are willing to listen to us if they know that we really just want to share a message centered in Jesus Christ.
Two days ago we found a golden investigator. His name is Marvin. Here is the story about how we met: Elder Nelson and I were walking down the road with nothing to do, and were trying to find somebody to listen to us. We walked past a house and then I said, "Hey, that house back there looks pretty, let's see who's home." Now I don't know if that was the spirit that told me to turn back, or if I just really thought it was a pretty house (now looking back on it, it is quite an ugly house) but the important part is what follows. A 55 year old man answers the door with a walker and without much small talk says, "I need to let you in." So we go in and he starts pouring out his life story to us. How his mom has had two major mental illnesses and is in a home and how his dad just died, and how he just got diagnosed with a terminal illness and how he had lost all hope and tried to kill himself about a month ago. Him telling us his problems isn't that usual because everybody just uses us to vent all of their problems, but then he said, "I know that you are representatives of Jesus Christ. I can feel the spirit of God here. I was just thinking about the Mormon Church, and you knocked on my door. I know I have to change, and I want to change. I want to start my repentance process and be a better person." When he said that my companion and I were just screaming inside. The spirit was soo strong. We continued to teach a great lesson about the love of god and his plan for us, and he said that we are always welcome back and he is excited to see what God has in store for him. I can't wait to head back over there tonight and see how he is doing.
Also, we have an investigator named Oscar and he loves taking us around in his big truck. A couple of days ago he said that he would love to take us to the biggest volcano in Costa Rica called Irazu. so today we took advantage of the invitation and went. It was so cool! We were sooo high up and the view was so pretty. I took lots of pictures, so hopefully they do the volcano some sort of justice. Attached are pictures of Elder Fuller (My future canadian companion) and Oscar, some scenery pictures, and a banana selfie. DisfrĂștenlas.
Love you all!

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